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Young Leaders

Young Leaders Institute students participate in day-long, monthly field trips during their sophomore year in high school to local businesses and organizations to learn more about Shelby County, interact with community and business leaders and their peers, and develop the skills needed to become the leaders of the future. Each month their field trip will focus on a different sector of Shelby County such as tourism, healthcare, manufacturing, and agriculture – to name a few. Students will meet leaders in those sectors and learn how each area contributes to life in Shelby County. Participants the end of them program, students will have acquired a broad overview of Shelby County. Participation is open to public, private and homeschool students. A group 24 students were selected through a competitive application process that evaluates academic achievement, community service and contributions, understanding of a desire to participate in the program and letters of recommendation.


       This year students will be going on field trips learning about the following local topics: history, agriculture, tourism, health and social services, industry, government and justice, education, arts and media and environment. The Young Leaders will have a graduation at the end of the year to help show all their accomplishments with the program and what they have learned.


Now accepting applications for the 2024-2025 class! All students that will be a sophomore within Shelby County Public Schools, Cornerstone Christian Academy, Corpus Christi Classical Academy or homeschool students living within Shelby County will be eligible to apply. 

Applications are due NO LATER than May 23, 2024

Late applications will not be accepted

2023-2024 Young Leaders Class

Ally Brown, MLCHS

Kendall Carnes, SCHS

Katherine Church, MLCHS

Will Coursey, SCHS

Lucas Courtney, SCHS

Maddie Cunningham, MLCHS

Paityn Hellinger, MLCHS

Molly Kate Higgins, MLCHS

Hannah Hogg, MLCHS

Molli Hutchins, MLCHS

Sophia Hurst, SCHS

Lincoln Laubach, MLCHS

Owen Laubach, MLCHS

Emma Moreno, MLCHS

Hadley Nicolas, MLCHS

Katie Phalen, MLCHS

Lily Sego, MLCHS

Delaney Sponel, MLCHS

Jonny Stover, MLCHS

Mary Grace Terhune, MLCHS

Gavin Trandell, MLCHS

Waylen White, Cornerstone

Chase William, Cornerstone

Kendra Zipse, MLCHS

2023-2024 Class Trips

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