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Sponsorship Agreement


Sponsorship Agreement

Company Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Representative Name: ­_________________________________________________________________

Representative Email: _________________________________________________________________

Event Sponsoring: ____________________________________________________________________

Date of the Event: _____________________________________________________________________

Amount Sponsoring: ___________________________________________________________________

By signing the agreement to be a sponsor for an event for the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, I am promising to deliver funds or items as discussed at least 1 (one) week prior to the date of the event. I acknowledge that I and/or the company will not receive any recognition as a sponsor until funds or items have been delivered. Terms of the sponsorship will be met as discussed with the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce as far as additional benefits for being a sponsor.

____________________________                                  _________________________________
Sponsor Name                                                             Sponsor Signature


Date Signed


____________________________                                  __________________________________
Chamber Representative Name                                  Chamber Representative Signature


Date Signed


Terms to which sponsorship is agreed upon (check all that apply)

Chamber will be responsible for

  • Sponsor logo on all marketing material (email and social media) for event
  • Sponsor logo on signage provided by Chamber
  • Sponsor will receive specific recognition per terms of event __________________________________________
  • Sponsor to receive tickets to event ________ (quantity)
  • Sponsor to receive the following additional benefits _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Sponsor will be responsible for

  • Providing the Chamber with adequate agreed upon above payment before any Chamber responsibilities are to be fulfilled unless arrangements have been agreed upon prior to and stated in above signed agreement
  • Provide the Chamber with up to date logo if needed
  • Provide the Chamber with marketing material if needed
  • Additional items the Sponsor will be responsible for _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



(note: previous marketing material will not be modified to show sponsorship, the Chamber will have 2 business days to reflect all sponsors information once sponsorship form has been completed, submitted and paid)

Ticket Pricing


February 3, 2022

May 12, 2022

September 8, 2022


Ticket Cost $25 per person

**Registration is required per event, only 4 representatives from each category to attend each event**

Sponsorship Opportunities

Young Leaders Institute 5/1/2021
Young Leaders - Title $1,500
Young Leaders - T-Shirt $500
Young Leaders - Investor $300
Young Leaders - Lunch $250


Credits may not be used

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