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One of the best ways to get the most out of your membership with the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce is to take an active role in one of our committees. Below is a list of our committees, and a brief description of what each committee wishes to achieve. If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact our office.

To be eligible for a seat on a Chamber Committee you must be a Chamber member in good standing for at least three months and participate in various Chamber events.

Shelby County Chamber of Commerce

Mission: Provide networking, information, and opportunity, through a credible and cooperative membership, and that advocates for business and community needs.


Goals and Programs:

  • Networking
    • Member Co-Hosted Events (Mixers)
    • Networking Roundtables
    • 5 Key events per year
  • Promoting Businesses
    • E-mail spotlights
    • Social media blasting’s
    • Sponsorships
  • Advocacy
    • Voice for businesses
    • Research and share business advantages
  • Business Referrals
    • Business marketing and promotions
    • Referrals for members inquiries
  • No Cost and Low-Cost Expertise / Professional Development
    • Shelby County Associated Industries Partnerships
    • Many other partnerships to offer discounted trainings
  • Discount Programs
    • 15+ member to member discounts currently
    • 10+ member offered discount programs
  • Connect
    • Directory, website, social media connections
    • Utilize events to connect with others
  • Credibility
    • More desirable to community being a member
    • Member plaques displayed
  • Build
    • Building a stronger Shelby County
    • Utilize benefits to expand your organization


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